John Bost Foundation is considered the best organization in social and medical services providing care to people with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities. For continued staff professional development, the Foundation prepared best practices sharing program consisting of 6 visits.

In October, Foundation General Secretary and 21 professionals shared their experiences with the colleagues from Quebec. Attendees were offered tours of several University Health Centers and designated divisions.

Visit to Douglas Mental Health University Institute was of special interest as here the approach to mental disorders was developed. Moreover, the delegates visited Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre Sainte-Justine University Hospital where the latest treatments for speech impediments and movement disorders are implemented.

The group also visited West Montreal Readaptation Center where children with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities are treated. The Center is developing alternative programs, thus contributing to adults’ social integration.

By the end of the visit the delegates were met by Altergo employees. Altergo promotes the idea of disabled social integration in sports and cultural life. The best example of its efficiency is Quebec Society for Disabled Children taking active part in the program.