In september 2018, Dialog Health organised a study tour in Austria and Czech Republic, in partnership with the SYNERPA (french national syndicate of senior care and housing institutions), for 25 executives members of SYNERPA or representatives of partner companies.

The delegates visited several housing centers for seniors, senior care institutions and nursing homes in Vienna and its surroundings as well as in Prague.

During 4 days, the french delegation discovered the local practices and innovations regarding the care of the elderly, in Austria and Czech Republic.

The several institutions visited house residents for short or long term stays, post illness or surgery rehabilitation, dementia care or palliative care.

Some institutionnal meetings were also on the agenda in Austria, with representatives from the Federal ministry of work, social affairs, health and consumer protection, as well as a member of the regional governement of Lower Austria.

This central Europe tour was a success on many levels, rich in discoveries, relevant meetings and significant discussions.