Elderly Care: the example of Sweden

From the 2nd to the 5th of April, Dialog Health has accompanied to Sweden a group of French students from Lycée Le Rocher, a South-of-France vocational school specialized in care assistance professions.

This short stay allowed students discovering and getting inspired in the advances of the Scandinavian country in terms of elderly care. This trip also allowed to get the impressions and feeling of future care assistants in the Swedish socio-medical system.

In three days, the group met and visited 6 organizations and establishments, linked to elderly care. From the detailed presentation of the Swedish system by the SKL (Association of the local and regional authorities of Sweden), to the manpower lack and the discovery of the Swedish latest elderly care innovations down the « Robot Valley »… This study tour permitted the French Delegation to know more about the treatment of aged individuals in Sweden, in comparison to the French system.

Impressed by the importance led to autonomy and freedom, by the amount of innovations developed to help seniors in their daily life, by the quality of the nursing homes' accommodations and eventually by the caring approach of Swedish employees, the group of students left the Stockholm Arlanda airport with their head filled of souvenirs and knowledge.