In May of 2014 a seminar titled "Sanitary measures in France” was held in Paris, France. It was attended by delegates from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the course of this educational tour, the participants had the opportunity to evaluate the experience of French colleagues in the application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures (PSP Agreement), as well as to get acquainted with the concept of technical barriers to trade (TBT).

The official part of the seminar began with a visit to the General Directorate of Food where the representative of the International Veterinary Service of France (GIP FVI) Mrs. Charenton conducted a presentation. During her speech, the delegates learned about this French organization, which is responsible for the implementation of international trade rules, as well as for notifications of any changes in trading conditions (relating to PSP and TBT). She also spoke about the role of the French authorities and measures implemented at EU level.
During the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to meet with a special French organization - France AgriMer (National Organization of agriculture and fishing), whose representative talked about the organizations role in supporting the agricultural industry and the promotion of agricultural products.

The most unusual part of this study tour was the visit to the border control station of the Charles de Gaulle airport, during which, the representative of department number 92 of the agency for protection of the population of France, Mrs. Stephanie Rive spoke about field monitoring.

The seminar participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Health as well as Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan were very impressed with the great organization of this event and were grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to get familiar with the methods of a country which is a member of the World Trade Organization.