Risk management and safety

With DIALOG, you get a comprehensive and uncompromising approach to your safety. We have stringent protocols in place at all stages of project design and execution to ensure that the wellbeing and comfort of your delegates is assured.


Stringent protocols in place at all stages


During the planning phase

We will conduct thorough risk assessments for every destination on your study tour agenda, and we base our transport, activity and accommodation recommendations on the outcome of these assessments. We will advise you of any risks or security threats you need to take into consideration and work with you to identify alternative activities or destinations should there be any serious concerns.

When arranging study tours in volatile regions we always prioritise safety over any other concern, opting for private transport with additional security if appropriate. We also prepare comprehensive disaster recovery and evacuation plans to so that we are poised to respond immediately should the safety of your delegates be threatened in any way.


During the execution of your tour

An experienced DIALOG tour manager will accompany your delegates and be constantly available to resolve any minor issues that may arise. In the unlikely event of a more serious situation, such as a medical crisis, natural disaster or man-made security threat, your tour manager is fully trained to make emergency arrangements and to support and aid your team through any rerouting or evacuation procedures.

We also have strong relationships with our local service providers and we work only with proven and trusted logistical partners, so you can be assured that your tour participants are in experienced and reputable hands who will provide all necessary assistance in the unlikely event of an incident.

On arrival at each destination your tour manager will give your delegates a thorough briefing regarding any appropriate cultural awareness or safety protocols, and provide them with written details of local emergency procedures and contact numbers.


Protection of your funds

We appreciate that you are making a substantial advance investment in your tour, and that you need to be certain that your funds will be protected.

So that we can provide you with the necessary assurances we are fully licenced and registered as professional travel agency in France, and we will handle all your international travel arrangements under this registration. This means that your funds are secured and our financial obligations to you are guaranteed by ATOUT FRANCE.


DIALOG maintains public liability insurance with ATOUT FRANCE. We will also organise comprehensive travel insurance to give your group complete peace of mind. Should one of your delegates need to make a claim, your tour manager and project manager will be able to assist them with the claim process.




Minimising the ecological and carbon footprint of our activities

Social responsibility

We believe that it is a responsibility of international travellers to understand and respect the local conditions of their destination, and to take measures to benefit the local community and economy wherever possible.

When it comes to local travel arrangements we work with local providers and make every effort to make culturally and environmentally appropriate choices, whilst still paying close regard to the comfort of your group.

We incorporate activities into each agenda that promote cultural awareness and understanding. We also take advice from local experts when designing tour agendas, to ensure the relevance and appropriateness of our activities to local conditions and context.

Fully aware of the negative impact of the business world on our planet, we implemented an eco attitude policy within our firm several years ago. The objective of this policy is to minimise the ecological and carbon footprint of our activities, both as a consumer and as a producer.

We believe that only consistent, entrenched eco-awareness can reduce our impact on our environment, and that the daily choice to make simple, responsible gestures and small economic actions will lead us to sustainable development for future generations.