In May 2017 the delegation from France visited Munich to participate in the study tour on innovation in management. The key theme of the program was "Manage: foresee and go beyond".

The aim of the program was to study the best practices in the field of management on the example of innovative companies that have proved themselves in the international market.

During the study tour participants had a unique opportunity to visit such companies as: ALLIANZ, Infineon Technologies, Pfennigparade. These companies show an example of "future" in management. During the visits, the managers and leading specialists of the visited companies highlighted in their presentations the following questions: what is the role and tasks of the manager, the role of the leader in attracting the best personnel, which methods are most effective in influencing the team.

The delegates have also met with the best and most talented students of the social sphere, who stated their expectations from the future work and described what they believed the real leader and manager should be.

Inspired by the innovative ideas and experience of the host companies, during the professional visits, the participants had a possibility to exchange contacts with their German counterparts in order to achieve better management results at their own enterprises.