How we work

At DIALOG we are known for the unique nature of our study tour services, our flexible approach, and our specialised expertise. In addition to our reputation for excellence, what really makes us stand out is our global network of strategic alliances.

For many years we have been introducing our study tour delegations to the leading experts and organisations in their chosen sector and region. Over time we have formed strong relationships with many of these illustrious people and organisations, who now participate enthusiastically in our professional programs.


You will get unique and exceptional learning and networking opportunities, making us the obvious choice for your study tour partner.


Our process



Proprietary operational methodologies, tools and project management procedures

We use proprietary operational methodologies, tools and project management procedures, so we can customise and scale our service to match the specific requirements of your project. We appreciate that a successful study tour must balance the varied needs of all participants, and ensure that both your delegates and the organisations they visit benefit from the exchange of best practice, knowledge and culture.

We begin every project by sitting down with you to get a thorough understanding of your needs, and to determine the best way to meet your objectives. Drawing on our detailed research into the expertise available in your chosen sector and region, we will then work with you to design the most beneficial and efficient tour program.

Our work encompasses every aspect of tour organisation, and we can offer any combination of our services that you require. We will act as liaison with all the host institutions for your visit, prepare briefs and provide expert translation services if required, to ensure that information exchanges are as efficient and cost effective as possible.

We will make all the practical arrangements for your program and accompany your delegation on their tour, to ensure that every aspect of your trip runs smoothly.

We will then conclude the project by meeting any reporting requirements you may have.

Customised tour service: our methodology at a glance



You contact us to discuss your tour or training program concept.

2We work with you to define your needs, objectives and agenda; identify the most suitable target region and partner institutions; and select core and supporting activities for your tour.

3We assemble a tailored international project team, and contact training partners and target institutions to arrange the core tour elements.


We complete organisation of all aspects of your tour, including supporting practical /cultural / social activities and travel / visa / insurance arrangements.

5A DIALOG tour manager accompanies your delegates on their study tour or training program, to ensure optimum experience for all participants

Our reputation

We very proud of the reputation we have earned for unique expertise and service excellence

Among our international clientele of government bodies, universities and business schools, NGOs and corporations we are particularly known for:


Adding value

will work in close partnership with you throughout the planning stage, advising on everything from the choice of study topics, training providers and target institutions to the range and nature of supporting activities to optimise the outcomes from your tour.



will fully customise our services to your specific needs, adapting our methodology to match the unique objectives of your project. We can offer you any combination of our services, including specialised advice; introduction and liaison with institutions and field experts; organisation of cultural or social activities; record keeping and interpretation; and travel, visa and insurance arrangements.



it comes to the specialised logistics of study tours, we are the global specialists. We will help you access the best available expertise in your chosen region, and create a balanced program that meets the varied needs of all of your participants.



will appoint a dedicated manager for your project, to give you consistent service and be accessible and accountable during the planning and execution of your tour. We will also appoint a tour manager who will accompany your delegation to take care of any issues that may arise, and enhance the tour experience for your participants.