From the 11th to the 16th of June, DIALOG Health organised a study tour on Healthcare Innovations in Silicon Valley, in partnership with the National Centre for Hospital Expertise (CNEH). The aim of the tour was to discover innovative ideas and learn from projects implemented in California.

Since the Obamacare reform, US hospitals are facing major changes in their funding and their structure. To face these challenges, they experiment new technologies and they try to innovate daily to imagine new types of cooperation between the actors of the healthcare system.

The French healthcare system, confronted to an important mutation, can find great sources of inspiration in the innovations implemented in Silicon Valley.

During the five days of the tour, the French delegation has explored the San Francisco Bay Area to discover the most innovative practices in healthcare, especially through the evolution of artificial intelligence. The participants visited several internationally renowned sites and met with prestigious contacts in San Francisco, Stanford, Berkeley or Cupertino, where Apple headquarters are based.
During the visit of the San Francisco University Hospital (UCSF) and San Leandro Hospital (Kaiser Permanente Health Group), delegates found out how American hospitals are innovating to improve the management of patients. They also learned about Stanford University's organisational innovation methodologies and financial innovation models in the health field, presented by the Catalyst for Payment Reform Foundation. Participants also met with startups specializing in new technologies applied to health as well as the technology giants Apple and Microsoft, which presented their latest innovations.

The study tour has been a huge success, with very interesting debates and discoveries, and with great learning.