Dialog. for non-profit & government organisations

For our governmental and non-profit clients we provide expert study tour consulting services, to ensure you and your delegates receive maximum benefit and value from your visit.


Consulting services


Scope of our services: we offer a fully customised service led by your specific needs

+We can manage every aspect of your study or training tour, from concept and planning to flawless execution. Our expert consultants will begin by helping you define specific learning topics and targets and identify the best possible combination of activities to achieve your objectives.

+Many of our clients require us to keep detailed and accurate records of proceedings at events and training sessions. We have the expertise and capacity to meet your specific reporting requirements.

+We will approach the target institutions to arrange information exchange sessions, as well as organising practical, social or cultural activities to enhance your program.

+Once the agenda and itinerary have been finalised we will assemble a unique team of our most qualified personnel and partners to organise, support and accompany your tour. Drawing on our exceptional international network of relationships with government departments, businesses and academic institutions we will ensure that your delegates gain access to the best available expertise in your area of interest.

+We will handle all the practical arrangements and provide a tour manager to accompany your delegates and ensure everything runs to schedule. If preferred we can also make the international travel arrangements on your behalf, including visa applications and insurance.


Where required we can also provide you with professional interpretation services. For this we partner with the international association of conference interpreters (AIIC), whose members are bound by a strict code of ethics and professional standards.




A tailored program including a range of significant activities

Tour design

Creating a successful tour that balances the varying needs of each of your delegates requires a great deal of planning and expertise. Depending on your needs we will put together a tailored program that includes a range of significant activities, such as:

Meetings with appropriate government bodies or institution

Training sessions with technical experts

Practical visits to relevant organisations or work sites

Social or cultural events




Our capabilities

Regardless of the scale and complexity of your project we have the capacity to assemble a consortium and meet your most exacting requirements, by calling on our worldwide network of professional partners. We work with clients of all sizes, from small NGOs to government departments.

We have the knowledge and experience to improve tour outcomes for all your participants, by providing expert advice on the choice of institutions and the nature and diversity of activities for your tour.

Due to our specialised knowledge and strong reputation we have been chosen as trusted advisors to governmental and non-profit sector clients from all over the world. In recent years we have been proud to win tenders from a range of prestigious organisations including the UN, World Bank, and IFAD.



Meet your most exacting requirements


Global reach

We can facilitate your study or training tour anywhere in the world. From our Paris headquarters we handle arrangements for tours to Europe, Africa and north or south America, while our Hong Kong subsidiary positions us to execute projects in Asia and Australia.

We welcome clients from across the globe, and we have particular expertise in working with delegates from CIS countries, which are currently investing heavily in development across many fields and learning extensively from international best practices.

Recent and upcoming tours have included activities in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, UK and USA.