From March 29th to April 3rd, a seminar titled "Features of vocational education in South Korea" took place in Seoul, South Korea. This study tour was attended by leaders of vocational schools in Russia.

As part of this workshop, leaders of specialized vocational educational institutions were given the opportunity to compare the Russian and Korean systems of vocational education.
The organizers have prepared a series of meetings with representatives from the best professional schools and colleges of Seoul, whose graduates consistently win international professional competitions and have no trouble securing employment after completion of training.

Technical requirements for manufacturing capabilities in training centers, attendance, methodology of trade education, interaction with the business environment and potential employers, as well as many other aspects of successful vocational education were discussed during this workshop.

In the course of visits during this workshop, the delegation toured the Hoseo Technical College, which is among the best in South Korea. Participants also held a meeting with representatives of National Institute of International Education at the Ministry of Education of South Korea and visited the most renowned private culinary school in Korea. Another noteworthy event was the tour of state-sponsored center that prepares world class specialists in robotic technologies, it is the only school of its kind in Korea. Russian educators also visited the Seoul National University of Science and Technology, which was founded in 1899 by the Emperor of Korea as the first technical school in the country. In professional and technical aspects, these schools are exemplary and the arrival of Russian colleagues was a great honor for the hosts.

During the Seoul trip, the itinerary was optimized to allow the delegates not only to visit the top five institutions of vocational secondary education, but also to tour the biggest and most unique park for children and teens: ”JobWorld Parc”. This enormous complex helps children to determine their professional inclinations from an early age and gives them an opportunity to try their hand at over 60 different professions. Latest exhibits, computer technologies, modern architecture and methods of working with children – these are all objects of legitimate pride for Korean colleagues.

This study tour has allowed the Russian delegation to get familiarized with the best practices in South Korean education and to obtain the necessary business connections for the continuing cooperation and organization of student exchange programs.