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Drawing on our years of experience providing bespoke study and training programs for clients in the corporate and governmental sectors, we are now offering a range of outstanding turnkey study tour solutions for business clients.

Turnkey study tour solutions for business clients

Why choose a turnkey study tour?

Make valuable connections and build your professional network

Our global network of relationships with business leaders and organisations across the world is what sets us apart as a study tour provider. Our turnkey tours offer you exceptional opportunities to build collaborative relationships with some of the leading practitioners in your field, as well as with other tour participants.

Explore alternative service models and international best practice

We carefully match the topic of each tour to a destination where there is valuable knowledge, a unique approach or cutting edge practice for you to explore. All our tour programs strike a balance between traditional and experiential learning opportunities, so you will also get to see and evaluate these alternative practices in implementation.

Participate in exchanges of knowledge and culture


All our tour programs are enhanced by a range of appropriate social and cultural activities. We provide an immersive learning experience in which both you and the local experts you meet benefit from the exchange of perspective, experience and cultural practice.

What you can expect

When you sign up for one of our study tours you can rest assured that every aspect of your trip will be expertly managed.

All our tour agendas are carefully prepared in collaboration with our local partners. Each tour includes a core itinerary of training, networking and knowledge exchange sessions, enhanced with a range of social and cultural activities to put your learnings and experiences into context, and help you build lasting and meaningful relationships with the people you meet.

We handle all the practical arrangements for your tour, including international and local travel, accommodation, visa applications and insurance.

Once the tour is underway you will be accompanied by an on-the-scene tour manager, who will ensure that every aspect of your trip runs smoothly and to schedule. Your tour manager will take care of all the local logistics, troubleshoot any issues that arise on the ground, and help you with any additional needs or requests that you may have during your trip.


Every aspect of your trip will be expertly managed



Travel logistics: prioritising safety and comfort

We take a comprehensive and uncompromising approach to your safety and comfort.

We are fully licenced and registered as professional travel agency in France, which means that your tour fee is secured and our obligation to you is guaranteed by ATOUT FRANCE.

This registration enables us to make the cost-effective travel choices that make our turnkey tours such exceptional value, whilst ensuring that we offer accommodation that meets all the needs of business travellers.

We will make arrangements to ensure that your individual needs are catered for, including mobility considerations and special dietary needs.

When it comes to local travel arrangements, we work with local providers and make every effort to make culturally and environmentally appropriate choices, whilst still paying close regard to your comfort.

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We take a comprehensive and uncompromising approach to your safety and comfort