Elderly care in Japan not only satisfies the need to provide medical care/residency but also embraces the Japanese culture of implementing new technologies in everyday life.

October 10-15, 2016, delegation of 9 professionals including Head of National Health, Care and Home Services Center visited Tokyo. The attendees planned to learn more on robotics engineering achievements, i.e. devices used for elderly medical care.

Japanese Council of Senior Citizens Welfare Service presented various devices and then the delegates visited a number on state and private facilities for residency and care of the elderly that actively implement new technologies.

The attendees learned about an unusual equipment: Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL). The system is an exoskeleton assist suit or robot that helps leg movements allowing free walking and increasing muscle power.

Digital Mirror is an interactive mirror with a built-in movement sensor that enables recovery or improves patient mobility. Some robots were designed especially for gaming and entertainment: for example, Palro can play, sing and dance with patients.

During the largest exhibition in Asia, Home-Care & Rehabilitation (HCR ) the delegates were presented the other latest technical advances.