From the 7th to the 10th of March the French delegation participated in a study tour on elderly care in Copenhagen.

Denmark has developed a wide range of services for the elderly. A large number of Danish companies develop products and solutions for the elderly and the disabled.

The Danish system has a less hierarchical structure with fewer strata and levels than in France. The model, however, has some common points with the French system providing access to a free, equal public health care for all Denmark and care for elderly citizens as well.

In Denmark, the whole medico-social sector, including all social services, home help, health care institutions (including long stay care), primary health care and the organization of housing for the elderly people, is under the responsibility of municipalities.

In a concrete way, the participants were able to discover the Danish system of social services and visit centers for the care and treatment of patients with dementia, activity centers and nursing homes.

Throughout the study trip, French participants had the unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of current trends and understand the general context of Denmark and then to go into greater detail in the action of local authorities and of public authorities in the elderly care.