From September 29th to October 2nd, a seminar titled "Vocational education in France" was hosted in Lille, France. This gathering was attended by heads of educational institutions from Russia and Kazakhstan.

In the framework of this seminar, leaders of vocational educational institutions were given the opportunity to compare the Russian and the French systems of vocational training and to visit the international tournament of working class professions “EUROSKILLS 2014”.

Held once every two years in different countries, car mechanics, masons, barbers, chefs and representatives of dozens of other professions gather to demonstrate their skills and advanced technologies in the atmosphere of intense rivalry.

In the duration of the tournament participants were given a unique opportunity to learn about current trends in the field of blue-collar skills, see their practical application, and support the representatives of “WorldSkills Russia”. The organizers of the tournament shared information with the participants about the stages of preparation and implementation of the competition. Namely discussed were: technical requirements, management, accreditation of participants, tasks of competition, evaluation methods and many other aspects of «EuroSkills». The structure of seminar has allowed them not only to attend the tournament, but also to visit the centers of vocational education that participated in this competition.

On the first day of the official opening of the seminar, the members of the Russian and Kazakh delegations met with the leadership of the “Training Centre for Vocational Education of the National Academy of Lille” (which is the equivalent to the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation) and were familiarized with the levels of education in France and specifics of vocational education.

To better familiarize themselves with the methods of vocational training for the various fields of occupation, the participants visited several schools specializing in different professions, among which were the school of arts and textile industries l'ENSAIT. This institution was founded in 1881 and presently serves as an excellent example of a dual system of education. Also visited was the state run Engineering school Enssat which combines education, research and technical innovation in the field of electronics, computer equipment and optoelectronics.

After the seminar, participants, including representatives of the Department of Education of Almaty, as well as heads of vocational educational institutions of Russia and Kazakhstan, praised the practical importance of the workshop and thanked the organizers for the opportunity to get familiar with modern professional education in France.