From November 23rd through 27th a seminar titled "Education in France" took place in Paris. It was attended by principals of several educational institutions in Russia.

Prominence of this seminar is validated by the fact that the hosting party included members of the school administration of Vincennes district in Paris. During the meeting with the seminar participants these administrators gave a detailed explanation of levels of education in France, specifics of educational centers, as well as the types of pre-schools, schools and vocational schools.

To see for themselves how the educational process works, seminar participants attended private schools and educational centers. These establishments operate under contract with the Ministry of Education of France. Directors of each of these schools prepared presentations illustrating school life, educational projects and national requirements for educational programs and teaching methods.

Participants were particularly captivated by the visit to a specialized privately managed kindergarten based in the International Montessori School and meet with the executive of the Paris branch of Montessori Association. In case of Russia, a school utilizing Montessori methods is a rarity, so participants were doubly interested to learn about the pedagogical objectives of educating a child by these methods and to learn how to structure the educational process.

The seminar was attended by 16 participants, among whom were: the head of the Education Administration of Magnitogorsk Alexander Khokhlov, Dean of Faculty of Moscow State Regional Socio-Humanitarian Institute Oksana Shirokih, as well as heads of several educational institutions in Russia.