On June 14–18 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm a seminar was held on the theme “Low-rise construction in Sweden”. Representatives from the Russian building industry were introduced to the distinguishing features of Swedish construction technology.

Interest in low-rise construction in Russia has been spurred by a number of advantages that this approach offers, such as the high level of convenience, its environmentally-friendly nature, the ability to apply modern energy-saving systems, the way buildings can be constructed in a short period of time, the attractive market conditions, etc.

The seminar that took place in Stockholm presented solutions for this field in Sweden. The program included hands-on visits to building sites.

The participants, accompanied by representatives of Swedish companies, visited Upplands Väsby, one of the oldest municipalities in the Stockholm region, and toured sites for construction of wooden buildings and cottages in this area. The houses are built using technology from the Myresjohus company, Sweden's largest manufacturer of wooden-frame houses.

The group also visited a construction site in the city of Uppsala to the northeast of Stockholm, where they were introduced to building houses and cottages out of foam blocks by the Folkhem company. Folkhem is known for building energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly buildings to a high standard of quality. The houses are designed to give the feeling of a truly complete living environment. 450 residential buildings, school, and shops are being built over the period 2013–2020. The buildings are constructed from porous concrete using special technology from the Xella company.

The development of low-rise construction in Russia at the present stage is receiving significant support in all areas of state policy for this field. Practical training and familiarity with the technology of our foreign colleagues will surely have a positive impact on the development of this field.