The care for handicapped people has transformed into a multidisciplinary approach, combining medical, sanitary, scholar, professional and social fields.

The JB Foundation, specifically dedicated into the care and accompaniment for people with physical and psychological difficulties, has recently conducted a complete program of 6 study tours, which focus on its collaborators in order to help introduce some of the best international practices to them.

One of the groups arrived in Milan, a city with practical model for integration of care for handicapped people and individualized courses.

After a comprehensive presentation on the Italian medico-social system, the delegation was guided in a set of associative structures, such as AIAS Milano or the Don Gnocchi Foundation, ensuring not only the beneficiary monitoring, but also help for the handicapped people’s families.

Participants in this program have found some references regarding on the protected labor after a careful visit at the Association Impronta and specialized workshops such as Gustolab and Altrostampo et Gustapo.

The French delegation team learned the latest technical solutions to adapt to the physical disability insurance promoted by institutions such as the INAIL.

In the end, from the day cares centers in Milan such as the Centro per l’Autismo and the Spazio Giovani Autismo in the social agricultural residence Cascina Rossago, the French delegates discovered the model for receptions and care that are dedicated specifically to the mental disability and autism. The above organizations were established through the aid of associations such as the Piatti Foundation and the Aiutiamoli Foundation.