In late March 2016, seven French professionals from the construction sector headed to Singapore to immerse themselves in the country’s best practices and most recent advances in BIM.

Though use of BIM has only begun to emerge in France, in this Asian city-state it sees widespread use driven by the local authorities, who have already instituted a fully electronic system for construction permits through “e-submission”.

Over four days the group could evaluate local efforts to promote this approach.

Discussions with key institutions involved, the Building Construction Authority and the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS) allowed the participants to learn about the general context and understand the various issues related to using BIM.

These presentations were enriched with visits to the Centre for Lean and Virtual Construction, dedicated to promoting virtual construction, and to the BIM Centre of Excellence at the National University of Singapore, which serves as the reference institution for education and developing initiatives.

The delegation was also shown projects that had been conceived with the help of BIM technology in various domains (a retirement home, a community hospital, residential towers, commercial real estate, etc.).

By exchanging experiences with the architects and managers of these projects, participants had the opportunity to get a handle on the possibilities that these applications offer, especially in terms of coordination, organizational optimization, and development of collaboration.