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We have an exceptional history of highly successful tours, meeting rigorous standards and complex requirements for the most exacting clients. Building on our extensive expertise and proud reputation for excellence in the governmental and corporate sectors, we now extend our specialised services to a range of academic institutions, working with students from a full range of professional study programs including MBAs, EMBAs and Masters degrees.





You can expect a rich program of learning and networking opportunities

What you can expect

When you choose us to arrange your academic study tour you can expect a rich program of learning and networking opportunities that:

  • Is fully integrated with all your students’ learning objectives
  • Is guided by clear aims and focus, shared by you, your students and their sponsors
  • Is balanced and comprehensive, delivering on all the goals of your participants
  • Provides practical, relevant experiences that put theoretical knowledge into context
  • Is based on a methodology that allows for reflection and open discussion, and provides practical insights
  • Is conducted in a positive atmosphere, with view to forming lasting relationships

We will create an immersive learning experience that delivers full value, offering your students opportunities to gain both indispensible knowledge and valuable business connections.

Expert advice, exceptional outcomes

Every study group has a specific set of needs and objectives. At DIALOG we excel in identifying the most effective and time-efficient ways to meet those goals. Our expert guidance on topics, agendas and logistics ensures a seamless experience and measurably improves outcomes for you, your students and their sponsors.

Our mission is to provide your students with access to the best available expertise in their chosen destination and field of study. To achieve this we have formed a global network of partnerships with business schools and academic institutions, government bodies and private business across all sectors and regions.

This network is what truly sets us apart and allows us to deliver programs that provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities to students of MBAs, EMBAs, Masters degrees and other professional study programs.

Drawing on these relationships we create both:

High-level programs

High-level programs that give a powerful overview of a region’s culture and business practices

Specialised programs

Specialised programs with a sharp focus on a specific theme or industry


Identifying the most effective and time-efficient ways to meet your goals




A complete academic study tour service

Scope of our services

At DIALOG we offer a complete, end-to-end academic study tour service.

That means we manage every aspect of your tour, from concept and planning to flawless execution. Once we agree on a focus and agenda we draw on our extensive network of global partnerships with government bodies, academic institutions and private companies to arrange the knowledge exchange sessions and practical visits that give your students the chance to see theory put into action.

We then enhance that core itinerary with a range of social and cultural activities that put their learnings into context, facilitate networking, and build long-lasting, collaborative relationships.

Once tour design is complete we also handle all the practical arrangements for your group, including international and local travel, accommodation, visa applications and insurance. If needed, we can also provide professional interpretation services.

Tour management

You will be assigned a single project manager to organise every aspect of your tour. They will keep in close communication with you and your students during the planning stages and throughout the trip.

Once the tour is underway we also provide an on-the-scene learning facilitator to ensure that every aspect of the trip runs smoothly and to schedule. The facilitator’s role is to take care of all the local logistics, troubleshoot any issues that arise on the ground, and help your students with any additional needs or requests that arise during the tour.


A single project manager organise every aspect of your tour



Comprehensive and well balanced

Tour design

We believe that an effective academic study tour must be comprehensive and well balanced, so all our itineraries include a tailored range of:

Educational sessions with academic and technical experts

Networking opportunities

Practical visits to relevant businesses and institutions

Social or cultural events

Relationship building

One of the most powerful benefits of an international study tour is the chance to build lasting relationships with other students and business experts across the world. As part of every tour we provide valuable opportunities for students to connect with and learn from both dynamic local business leaders and leading academic experts.

We facilitate introductions that promote international collaboration, and help your students build strong professional networks they’ll be able to draw on as their careers progress. We can also organise short-term consulting opportunities and cooperative practical projects between your students and their international counterparts.


Travel logistics: prioritising safety and comfort

We take a comprehensive and uncompromising approach to the safety and comfort of your tour participants.

To support our comprehensive expertise in tour design and management, we are also fully licenced and registered as professional travel agency in France. This means that we are highly qualified to handle all your international travel arrangements, and that your funds are secured and our obligations guaranteed by ATOUT FRANCE.

This enables us to make cost-effective travel choices to suit your budget, whilst ensuring that we offer accommodation that meets all the needs of business travellers.

We will ensure that the individual needs of your students are catered for, including mobility considerations and special dietary needs.

When it comes to local travel arrangements we work with local providers and make every effort to make culturally and environmentally appropriate choices, whilst still paying close regard to the comfort of your group.

Learn more about our risk management, safety and insurance procedures