DIALOG is a unique firm providing highly specialised advice and expert services to a select range of clients. We support our partners and customers with the planning and organisation of overseas study tours and high level training programs. From our offices in Paris and HongKong we assist clients from across the globe.

  • TEAM

We maintain a core staff of skilled consultants and instructors, as well as a worldwide network of valued partners. For each assignment we select teams of the most qualified and effective professional and technical experts. This allows us to match the specific needs of each client and provides the capacity to assemble consortia for large or complex projects.


DIALOG’s mission is to provide our clients with access to the best available expertise in their target sector and region and ensure they acquire the knowledge and experience they need to strengthen their capacities and achieve immediate and sustainable performance improvements.

We take full responsibility for achieving our clients’ goals for each study or training tour and we specialise in delivering enhanced project outcomes.


We base all our operations upon a very strict system of time and quality control, which ensures that we always meet our deadlines, budgets and service quality commitments.

Our operational methodologies, tools and project management procedures have been internally designed and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each client.

For each tour we assign a dedicated project manager from our team of full-time planning specialists. This project manager handles all aspects of the arrangements and remains accessible and accountable throughout the planning and execution of the tour, guaranteeing complete client satisfaction.

A tour manager accompanies each visit or program to facilitate arrangements and resolve any issues that may arise. Upon request we can also provide a field expert to support the tour. Our tour managers and field experts operate within a framework of clearly defined objectives and a rigorous process of quality control.


Our vision for the future is to build on our expertise and reputation as the leading provider of specialised planning and organisation services for study tours and international training programs. Our goal is to facilitate an ever-increasing number of delegations for an even wider spectrum of sectors and countries.

We plan to further expand our capabilities through:

  • the addition of carefully selected, like-minded experts to our core project team
  • the formation of strategic alliances and partnerships with institutions and agencies across the globe