• 4 Reasons To Take International Training Program This Year

4 Reasons To Take International Training Program This Year

2015 has been named as the Year of Light, technology and innovation. Isn’t it time to implement new strategies in your business and gain new bright experience?

If you feel your business and professional career needs an extra boost, here are 4 reasons why an international training program could be the answer to your struggles.

1. Action and Implementation

International workshops and seminars are the perfect place to stretch your mind, hear new bright ideas and consider implementing them afterwards.

You spend your time filling in the gaps of what you feel is missing from your business skills or education. Team up with top professionals to collaborate and learn from their experience, get professional advice and independent opinion on various professional subjects.

As a result, you walk away with a do-able plan, a list of new strategies to try and test, plus numerous new connections and possible partnerships. Speaking of which…

2. Network

Who doesn’t like an opportunity to meet and work with people in the same industry from all over the globe?

Most international training programs are specifically designed to leverage your professional network and focus on creating the perfect learning and sharing environment to broaden your perspective and grasp new approaches practiced by foreign professionals.

Networking delivers more return of investment than most other business tools, both financially and in in non-monetary terms including professional advice, new opportunities and assistance.

For instance, international participants of "The health care system in UK.” seminar we helped organizing afterwards reported they managed to establish long-term partnership between the local private hospital and a few medical institutions back in Kazakhstan.

3. Take a break from the daily grind

The best strategy to solve any problem is to step back from it for a while and tackle it from a new perspective, so you could see the ‘whole forest’ instead of just the trees.

Going on a study tour is pretty much the same. You step out of your usual work routine, gain new skills and knowledge in your field. Observing and learning how things work in other countries will help you to implement the best bits at your own country and company.

Besides, study tours are not only work, but some play as well including fine dining, cultural exchange and short trips around the area you are visiting.

4. Leverage investment opportunities

Investing overseas can be a smart way to diversify your income, but you've got to know the territory first.

Educational study tours and professional training programs give you the opportunity to see the industry from the inside -- get to know the local political and regulatory decisions which can be very material to companies operating overseas, work ethics, investment climate and more important data that could only be gained on ground.

For instance, one of our workshop “Housing management in France” focused on introducing new energy-efficient and green technologies in construction to the participants and covering specific cases of how the government provides extra tax benefits to companies using them and what benefits can potential investors gain.

To sum it up: International training programs teach you to work smarter instead of harder.

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